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We’re down to earth people who believe crypto will make the world a better place.

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In my interactions with Kenton I have most appreciated that truth is important to him. No excuses, no evasions, and no omissions of inconvenient information. I find him to be a focused and principled independent thinker. He has a genuine desire to do well by his clients and fully deserves their trust.

Susan H.
Kenton Ralph Toews

Kenton Ralph Toews

Kenton grew up in Alberta, Canada. He has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Calgary and was a petroleum engineer for a decade — working in Canada, Yemen, Libya, and Cuba. He’s a registered Professional Engineer with APEGA. During his engineering career, Kenton fell down the rabbit hole of fiat money and central banking. He found Austrian Economics which forms the core of his investment philosophy.

His passion for the subject led to selling precious metals through Miles Franklin, one of the largest bullion dealers in the United States, and becoming an Investment Executive with Sprott Asset Management, the largest precious metals boutique investment firm in the world.

Kenton’s career with Sprott spanned another decade where he oversaw a $50 million book. He managed portfolios of mining stocks for high-net-worth individuals and advised clients on investing in private placements, investment funds, and alternative investments. He started helping clients invest in crypto in 2015.

However, there's been a lack of products and resources available for people to invest in crypto. Therefore, Kenton started Youxia Crypto, an asset management company specializing in cryptocurrencies, to fill that void.

Kenton believes crypto is more than just about trying to make money, it’s about creating freedom for yourself and the rest of the world.

Kenton is a voluntarist and contrarian. He enjoys downhill skiing, scuba diving, live music, yoga, and traveling.

Elena Codreanu

Elena Codreanu

Elena is from Romania. She studied automotive engineering at the Politehnica University of Bucharest and finance at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. She speaks Romanian, English, German, Spanish, and some Italian.

Elena moved to the US in 2011 and became a citizen in 2017. Since arriving in the US, she’s worked directly with customers at National Penn Bank and later as a permitting manager for Renewal by Andersen.

In 2020, she started with Sprott Asset Management as an Executive Assistant to Kenton. Her optimism on the future of DeFi is reflected in her decision to join Kenton at Youxia Crypto.

Elena is passionate about fitness, travel, photography, and Formula 1 racing.

The Meaning Behind Youxia


Yóu means wander, travel or move around, and xiá means someone with power who helps others in need. Imagine a wandering vigilante or knight errant.

This exemplifies what we’re all about.

Youxia Gives Back

Bitcoin has no marketing team and no marketing budget. Yet, bitcoin is one of the most successful brands in history. The success is due to people who believe in a better world and are passionate about spreading the message of freedom. Youxia does its part by donating to charities that educate the unbanked on financial literacy and crypto.

Kenton’s deep commitment to client service, thorough and objective research, and transparency make him an outstanding investment professional.

He makes recommendations and investment decisions solely based on what he believes is best for the client at that moment and isn’t afraid to pivot to new strategies when circumstances change, or new information becomes available. When I work with Kenton, there is never a question about whose interest he prioritizes in his recommendations - it’s always the client’s.


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