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There’s more than enough room in your portfolio for BOTH crypto AND precious metals. It doesn’t have to be either or.

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Gold and silver liberty coins
Precious Metals Expertise

Youxia has Deep Precious Metals Expertise

Kenton cut his teeth on gold and silver. He's been selling bullion through Miles Franklin, one of the largest dealers in the United States, since 2011.  And for over a decade he managed money with Sprott Asset Management, the world’s largest precious metals boutique asset manager.

That knowledge will help you choose the best precious metals investment strategy to meet your financial goals.

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We Can Help You With Any Size Order

Buy gold and silver and have it delivered to your house or store it in a vault of your choice from around the world. You can even use bitcoin to pay for your metal.

Selling your gold and silver is just as easy as buying it. We can help you securely mail in your bullion and have the proceeds wired to your bank account.

Pile of gold and silver bullion

I've worked with Kenton for around 10 years now and have always been impressed with his vast knowledge of financial markets. He's a total visionary macro guy who sees things others don't. He's always available to explain in detail whatever the topic might be and has the courage, conviction, and confidence to quickly make big decisions!

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Gold and Bitcoin

The debate on gold vs. bitcoin is missing the point. They both have the same enemy, fiat money. They each have their own pros and cons on how they protect you from fiat money.

Gold is Defence

Gold is a lifeboat. You reach for it when the monetary system is sinking. However, once at shore, society rebuilds the exact same system, only for it to eventually sink again. Gold helps you preserve your wealth but not necessarily grow it.

Bitcoin is Offense

Bitcoin is a bigger and better ship than the one that’s sinking, dwarfing the gold lifeboat. Bitcoin is a superior and more advanced monetary system than gold could ever be. As this new monetary system is adopted, you can grow your wealth along with it.

Gold coin with bitcoin logo on it
Defense will protect you

If The Offense Fails, the Defense will Protect You

Gold is a good hedge for the possibility that bitcoin does not live up to its hype. If decentralized finance (DeFi) fails for whatever reason, gold will still be there like it has been for thousands of years.

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