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The Next Top 10 Crypto

Youxia’s RUNE Fund is the best way to invest in the next major cryptocurrency.

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Spaceship going to the moon
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Buying RUNE today is like going back in time and buying bitcoin at $200 or ethereum at $10.

Those ships have sailed and now you’re looking for the next big thing. THORChain isn’t the next bitcoin or next ethereum, THORChain complements them, and that’s how it’ll become the next big cryptocurrency.

I'll never forget how Kenton mentioned 'Buy bitcoin!' to me back in 2012ish.

With those two words my curiosity piqued, and my sovereign financial journey began. Since then, I haven't looked back.


What is THORChain?

THORChain is the first decentralized exhange (DEX), that can swap Bitcoin with Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies. 

RUNE is the token that makes this possible.

THORChain is open source code that can be integrated into any wallet, website, or app. The user doesn't even know they're using it.

It enables anybody on the planet to swap bitcoin with several thousand cryptocurrencies. Whereas the largest crypto exchange in the world can only trade Bitcoin with several hundred cryptocurrencies.

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The Next #3 Crypto by Market Cap

Bitcoin has been the #1 crypto by market cap since it was invented. Ethereum has been #2 for several years now. But what about the #3 position?

During the 2021 bull market, Binance (BNB) catapulted to #3. When Coinbase (COIN) went public in 2021, its market cap relative to the crypto sector put it at #5. Both are still in the top ten.

When DEXs become bigger than CEXs, it’s possible THORChain will dwarf Binance and Coinbase one day. That should put THORChain (RUNE) in the top ten by market cap and perhaps take the #3 spot.

THORChain RUNE lightning bolt logo

I've worked with Kenton for nearly 10 years, and I've always found his competence reassuring. He's got his eye not only on my current investments but also on the big picture and where the macro economy is moving. Since he's thinking about it, I don't have to worry about it.

What I appreciate even more than that, though, is the innovative edge he has in his investing ideas. I don't want to miss the next big thing. He's taught me a lot about alternative investments and crypto, and I'm excited to be a part of Youxia.

Steve K.

How Does Youxia’s THORChain (RUNE) Fund Work?

Deliver returns

Our goal is to achieve capital gains and yield.

The fund invests in the RUNE token for capital gains potential.

The tokens are used to run nodes on THORChain. Revenue from the nodes will provide the yield.

The yield stays within the fund to compound.

We also aim to take advantage of volatility with periodic trades in and out of the token.

Capital Gains

How Youxia Plans to Deliver Your Returns

After a material rise in the RUNE price, you’ll have the option to receive income from running the nodes.

Some revenue will stay within the fund to continue the compounding process. Ideally, distributions will continue for decades while still compounding the principal.

*Please review the offering documents for a full disclosure of the risks.

Access the Fund Offering Documents

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Having worked with Kenton for over 10 years, I can say without reservation that he has done a superb job managing my portfolio.

Most recently, his decision to add bitcoin in 2020 made me very happy. Based on our history, I hope to keep Kenton on my financial planning team.


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